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    Innovation, the soul of Singfuchen;

    Quality, the backbone of Singfuchen;

    Excelsior, the guideline of every Singfuchener;

    Customer satisfaction, the pursuit of every Singfuchener.


    Established in 2007, Ningbo Singfuchen CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd., the former Qiangjin Machinery factory specialized in manufacturing advanced twin-head CNC milling machines. As a professional horizontal

    CNC milling machine manufacturer, ‘being an innovative firm’ is the key strategy and the very core value for the company. Over the past several years, we have been continually improving our designing and manufacturing operations to be able to meet our customers’ changing needs. We are committed to manufacturing more efficient, more productive, more precise and more automated milling machines. In 2013, we have thoroughly upgraded our products, and the developed XK1040 series and XK1260 series now had three patents in China. The twin-head milling machines can help customers to maximize productivity through milling four sides of work-piece in single operation.

    ‘Customer satisfaction’ is our first concern. We have precision testing instruments and quality standard to test every procedure (i.e., designing, processing, manufacturing and assembly) to ensure quality. We also have a well-trained service team offering comprehensive after sales services including free training service, installing and commissioning of the machines, free technical phone support and quality tracking.

    We are serious about our reputation and the pursuit of quality and services is a never ending mission.






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